Who are we?

Laurie Cuffney, Robert Hosbach, Barbara Itotia, and Heather Reed. We are graduate students at the University of California, Berkeley in our final term of the Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS) program.

Why Beyond the Property Line?

Our motivation for Beyond the Property Line was born out of our own experiences as homebuyers. In our individual real estate journeys, we have each encountered prospective homes with undesirable infrastructure in the area that affected our evaluation of the home as a potential investment. In many cases, just looking at online MLS listings or real estate platforms like Zillow did not reveal the presence of this infrastructure.

We decided to leverage the skills we acquired during our time as graduate students in the MIDS program to create a platform that consolidates this information and enables buyers to view a map of such infrastructure in proximity to a potential home. Our hope in creating this platform is to streamline the homebuying process and save homebuyers valuable time in their search for their future home.